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Weather Forecasters: Rains Slow Down in California’s Inland Empire

Weather Forecasters: Rains Slow Down in California’s Inland Empire

Widespread rain and winds hit Southern California, with mountain snow on the way

Weather officials say flood warnings remain in effect, with isolated storms forecast for the area

(CBS/CNBC) – In Southern California, the rains are slowing down.

It’s been a rainy season so far in California’s Inland Empire region, with some torrential rain in some spots.

The storms this week will continue well into Friday.

“We’re going to get showers. We’re going to get lots of rain,” meteorologist Mike Bettes told CBS2, adding heavy downpours in some areas could develop into thunderstorms by Friday evening.

Bettes said that the storm clouds are moving eastward, with the potential for heavy rain to move through the region Friday night and continue through Saturday.

“It’s going to be in the foothills of the Inland Empire and out into southern Orange County. That’s where we’re at,” Bettes said.

The first day of June is not until the evening of Saturday, but there will definitely be some rain in the inland area.

Storms are expected to last well into Friday night, with isolated storms likely for Southern California late Friday night.

The heavy rain could lead to flooding problems in some areas in the coming days.

“Folks are going to be dealing with flooding, certainly in the areas that I mentioned,” said Bettes.

Bettes said the rain will be accompanied by gusty winds.

A wind storm watch is in effect for a 30-mile radius of Riverside, San Bernardino and L.A. County.

The National Weather Service says a high pressure pattern is in place for much of the Inland Empire, but they are predicting some strengthening across the region between Tuesday and Wednesday.

“We’re talking about a wetter-than-normal day through the early part of next week,” Bettes said.


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