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The Entrepreneur with the Most Love

The Entrepreneur with the Most Love

Meet another Musk with a business venture of her own — and it’s all about romance.

The entrepreneur with the most love lives in her own little world.

“I love to be alone. I don’t like to be with a bunch of people. I like to get some solitude,” Musk said with a laugh.

In fact, Musk says, romance is as central to his private life as it is to his business.

“It’s like there’s two businesses,” he said of his career and personal life. “I have a private business and a public business.”

This week, Musk is taking center stage — as the only man to present at a women’s suffrage convention in the U.S. last week, a sign of how important he’s seen as a role model.

And he may be one of the most visible business leaders in the history of modern media.

He’s been outspoken on the environmental and tech topics that matter to young people, and he’s been a fixture on the late-night talk shows.

In addition to his own podcast, he’s been interviewed by everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Stephen Colbert, from Ellen to John Mayer to the hosts of CBS’ “The Late Show” itself.

And he’s in the middle of one of the biggest media events of the year: an NBC News segment featuring Musk on the 40th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing.

On the surface, Musk doesn’t come off as a media-savvy guy.

He’s a very private man, but that’s part of the appeal.

“I hope this show is something people can relate to. And I’m hoping that’s how they see me as well,” he said.

Musk, 43, is arguably more public than most of his celebrity predecessors.

He was born in 1975, the same year as the release of Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk. The same year his father started working as a carpenter.

Like so many of his generation, he was a child of divorce, and a father struggling with post-9/11 anxiety.

“My mom was

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