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The American People Need to Know About the Problems With the Energy Industry

The American People Need to Know About the Problems With the Energy Industry

California repeatedly warned about spiking gas prices, fragile supply. But fixes never came.

A new report from California Energy Commission shows that from 2005-2008, the state and its neighbors spent nearly $100 million to buy down the price of natural gas at the pump, but the results never came.

California’s problems are not unique. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, New England regional leaders of the Western Energy Alliance, had similar problems. This is part of a larger problem in the energy industry today. We still have a long way to go before natural gas becomes a major source of fuel in America. It’s in the energy mix.

Energy companies are constantly complaining about the difficulties of producing more energy. So we turn to the government to resolve these problems. It’s a waste of time to get our energy problems solved by government. The government has to go through a government controlled monopoly — the Big Energy cartel that makes its money from the public tax payers. It’s almost like telling the public that the government is going to fix the energy industry, and it won’t. The American people should be informed of the problems with the energy industry before they take action.

So what is going on in Europe and the Far East? Why, they are going to produce more energy! The problem, they say, is that America’s energy problems are so bad, we should take on the world.

I think the real problem is in our energy supply. We have a huge problem with our laws and regulations on the supply of gas, electricity and water that we need. The government controls most of our energy supply through taxation and control of the economy by debt and debt based currency. It’s like a giant central bank with all the money it can borrow in currency and debt created from the central bank and then spent by the central bank on the economy creating debt and debt based currency from the central bank. Then they borrow money to spend with the central bank to create more debt and currency. All that debt based currency created by the central bank is then spend and used to pay interest and taxes on the debt.

This is the true essence of a nation of slaves. Each government has its own central bank. The American people use a debt based dollar currency and the government uses bond and currency printing to buy its debt based currency. It’s almost like the American people are being

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