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Rainn Wilson has made a change to his Twitter name in response to climate change

Rainn Wilson has made a change to his Twitter name in response to climate change

Rainn Wilson changes his Twitter name — sort of — for climate change ‘stunt’

Rainn Wilson, the Hollywood actor-turned-writer-director behind “Breaking Bad” and “Warm Bodies,” has just made an official change to his Twitter name. The move — done in the name of “taking action” on climate change — makes the 34-year-old actor the first person to change his Twitter name since the service started publicizing the number of daily tweets by people that use the service.

The change is the result of the actor-writer-director’s commitment to reducing his carbon footprint by changing his lifestyle — and his use of Twitter — to one designed to prevent climate change, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

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Wilson took the step on July 12, when he posted a photo of himself with fans on Twitter. At the time, the photo read, “Today is the last day for me to change my Twitter name. Here is my new handle: @RainWilson”

The photo was accompanied by two tweets, which read,

“This is a little change I am taking today in response to climate change. I want to be a better citizen. Here is the deal: I am going to reduce my carbon footprint in all things I do.

“I am switching to a lifestyle that only reduces my carbon footprint by using public transportation, biking, carpooling, walking or, well, I am going to stay where I am and I am going to get off my butt and start living my life for me. I need to stop wasting time talking to people who are not important to me and start connecting with people who are important to me. It will be difficult, but I have decided to do it. Today is the last day of my name change. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and supported my lifestyle. I appreciate it more than you know.

“Here is a little nudge I am giving today to everyone who cares to check me out. Use this link and subscribe to my email on Twitter and follow me on Facebook so you can track my progress.

“The world is changing and it’s not going to be good

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