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Big Oil Companies Are a Capitalist Business

Big Oil Companies Are a Capitalist Business

Letters to the Editor: Criticism of climate scientist activism is Big Oil nonsense and censorship

I am saddened we live in a society that is so polarized.

What I’m sadder, though, is that it all boils down to one thing — a Big Oil agenda.

I’m not talking about a handful of companies. I’m talking about a whole generation of companies. And I’m not talking about the public at large. I’m talking about Big Oil companies.

Big Oil companies have a vested interest in suppressing any real information about the climate change, climate change science or the role they play in the climate change disaster. What I mean by that, you can see this by looking at the companies.

In terms of their tactics, they are relentless. At every turn, they have been able to control the flow of information and to selectively choose what journalists look at and how they report on climate change.

The first and most obvious example is the fact that it is very hard to “go green” when you’re a capitalist business. You can’t even go green if you’re a Big Oil company. You can’t even go green if you run a gas station.

There are very few other ways of not being a capitalist business, and Big Oil companies are the only example that I can think of.

They make money from the exploitation of nature and the destruction of the climate. They make money from the extraction of oil and natural gas from the ground or from the burning of fossil fuels. They make money from the construction of pipelines. They make money from refining. They make money from their advertising dollars. They make money from government subsidies like the subsidies for the Keystone Pipeline.

When you look at companies like ExxonMobil and BP, there is so much money at stake, it is criminal.

That money, however, makes it very hard to talk about environmental issues — the issue of the climate. For example, I was in Houston recently where I met with journalists and scientists from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. They discussed the Keystone Pipeline and the issues that the pipeline would cause.

I had the opportunity to talk to a former member of Congress about the benefits of the Keystone Pipeline, and what he told me was, “Do you know how much our representatives are paid

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