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The Problem With Trump Isn’t the Character

The Problem With Trump Isn’t the Character

Op-Ed: Republicans want to win — and Trump’s now a loser

Tuesday’s election is not about the issues. The issues are not what matters. It’s about the personalities. It’s about the personalities.

The personality of Donald J. Trump is to say the least, unconventional. It’s a character that, if he’d had the chance, he would not, in his wildest dreams, have portrayed himself to be.

But he did. There’s no getting around that.

And the Republicans who backed him for all those years were not the same people when he was on the ticket. Nor were they the same people who voted for him as president.

Some of them wanted to give up on him. Others who didn’t like him were glad to have an alternative. But few voters gave up on the character of Trump. They chose to embrace him.

The question isn’t what kind of person the electorate wants. It’s what kind of person they want to have as president. And those people who rejected him and elected someone else are doing so because of their personalities and not what they claim to believe or what they want the country to be.

And that’s a problem for this party.

The Republican Party’s problem with Trump is that most of its voters rejected him because they hated his personality. That’s fine as far as it goes. But it’s not the whole story.

The fact is, voters are electing presidents to do the things they believe should be done. And few of the candidates, even the ones whose characters make them attractive to voters, do those things.

Look at Hillary Clinton. What’s her signature accomplishment? Health care. That’s how she’s won everything in her life.

The thing is, as I noted over two years ago, a lot of her votes were the result of personality. She’s the kind of person who always had a smile for everyone and who was

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