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The New York Times’ Story About Steve Bannon

The New York Times’ Story About Steve Bannon

Abcarian: Steve Bannon discovers the hard way that defying Congress is no joke

I was in a meeting with conservative bloggers when I received a text from a journalist friend, John Fund, announcing that the New York Times was about to publish an amazing story about Steve Bannon, the former senior strategist for President Donald Trump who ran the campaign’s nationalist policies and who has since built up an empire of opposition research, legal defenses, and media influence operations that are now beginning to threaten the Trump administration. At the moment, Bannon was flying back to the States from Japan, where he was attending a conference on the future of the free world, but I assumed he’d probably text me the good news.

In his role as a journalist and policy wonk, John had done a lot of work on Bannon. He’d even worked as an advance man for the Breitbart News Network, whose founder, Andrew Breitbart, was Trump’s chief gatekeeper to the GOP presidential field. John was also a friend of mine, so I took his initial text message to him and asked him to keep it to himself for a little while.

Shortly after I sent my first message to John with the story about Bannon, the media started buzzing about the story. I received a few follow-up text messages that told me how much the story had broken, including that the story would be in the Times on Monday morning, or at least by Tuesday night. I knew the Times had been reporting on Trump’s former adviser, who had left the White House at the end of the election, but I wasn’t entirely sure what the story was about. A couple of days later, I finally learned it was about Bannon’s opposition research firm.

The story was headlined “Ex-Trump adviser Bannon pushes ‘anti-Muslim’ agenda,” and described Trump’s former campaign manager as “increasingly hostile to Muslims,” and “increasingly sympathetic to Russia.” The story also described Bannon’s opposition research unit as having “hired former campaign advisers to dig up dirt on Democrats,” and “worked to smear former Justice Department director of civil rights division Rod J. Rosenstein as ‘anti-Trump.’�

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