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The Jell-O Wars: The American National Dessert

The Jell-O Wars: The American National Dessert

Jell-O was once the American national dessert. Here’s how it fell from grace and why we need to eat it again

Hush-hush: Once you had Jell-O, you were the coolest kid in the class.

That’s how Jell-O became the American national dessert. In 1959, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) put the humble dessert in its official American Menu, along with the likes of Oreo, Peanut Butter, Puffed Wheat, Taffy, and Ice Cream. And then it went viral.

In a time before social media, Jell-O was a thing you ate at backyard cookouts and school events. The only people who knew about Jell-O were the people who kept the recipe secret for fear of being eaten by their parents.

“It was like Jell-O was the food of the universe,” said Paul McCrone, who grew up eating Jell-O at his Grandpa’s house. “The whole neighborhood was out there trying to figure out how they were going to put together a batch of Jell-O.”

In 2009, Jell-O finally became the star of its own show. The Jell-O Wars was a two-hour TV special that starred Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson, who had previously starred in the movies Talladega Nights and The Hunger.

“I’m not ashamed to say that Jell-O was the number one food in my life,” he told the media. “My dad was a baker, so he made me Jell-O every single holiday.”

So which is better: dessert or comfort food? How about both?

Not many people know that Jell-O was once the American national dessert.

Back in 1959, the USDA put Jell-O in its American Menu, along with Oreos, Peanut Butter, Puffed Wheat, Taffy and Ice Cream. Then, it went viral.

In 2017, the sweet treat got a make-over again, as the Jell-O team decided to add some much-needed texture to this sugary treat.

But, how did Jell-O become an

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