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The Governor of Ohio, Karen Bass

The Governor of Ohio, Karen Bass

Letters to the Editor: Could Karen Bass and Rick Caruso form a ‘team of rivals’?

A letter from Karen Bass, the governor of Ohio.

“I wish you would let me know when, or if, the next presidential election will be held in Ohio. At this time, the media is concentrating on the presidential race, leaving people of Ohio to wonder who is going to run for governor and what the candidates are going to say. The truth is the media is holding back much needed and important information about Ohio’s candidates so the people can make up their minds. The governor does not want the news media to wait until the next election.

“I have never been elected to higher office in my life, and the governor has been a great governor. If I had not been elected, I would be a private citizen, but as a governor, I can only do as I am told.”

“Your editorial is filled with misinformation. The law on the books says if the mayor or governor asks for a pardon, the state must do an audit, but it does not say that if the former sheriff or deputy asks for a pardon the state must have the records of all the investigations of the sheriff or deputy to prove there was misconduct.

“The law gives the district attorney the discretion to give the sheriff or deputy an immunity if they were wrongfully accused. The state auditor determines if the sheriff or deputy is entitled to an immunity and if he is not, he can be tried on the same charges and convicted.

“The state has spent $50,000 on your campaign in campaign funds. If the state auditor says you have been wrongfully accused of misconduct, then you will be allowed to leave office and the charges against you will go to trial. Otherwise, you will be free to run for office again.

“Your article claims you did wrong because you allowed three women to be arrested during the time you were sheriff. The women did nothing illegal.

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