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The Five Largest Cities in New England

The Five Largest Cities in New England

The Times podcast: The fight over Squaw Valley’s name

The Times-Union:

Squaw Valley has been a California treasure for generations of Westerners, and a place we know well. But for the last few years, the mountain resort has been grappling with a name change: Now, the ski resort is called Summit County Ski and Resort.

Summit County Sheriff Tom Bosenko is one of the most vocal advocates for the change. He’s been battling it for 10 years. But just one year after Summit County voters approved a measure calling for a name change for Squaw Valley, Bosenko joined the campaign to change the name.

Sheriff Bosenko talks about the battle.

The former sheriff of Orange County talks about his own name change battle in the county.


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MANCHESTER — New England. You’ve no doubt heard of it: The region in which no city is larger than 2 square miles has been dubbed ‘the land of2 million’s’ because of the large number of cities and towns that exist within its borders. If you believe such things, you’re probably part of the 1.2 million residents (or more) who live in New England — which considering a large multistate area has certainly noticed a growth in its not-so- large-city population.

The New York Times has been making the case for years that the region deserves the title of ‘the land of 2 million’ — so large and diverse is the region, despite its size, and despite its history of strife. And it helps to have the largest city in the region by a very long shot, the city of Boston.

So here’s our list of the five largest cities in New England in terms of square miles and population:

5. Boston

5.1 million

Square miles


In 2000, Boston was the fifth-largest city in

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