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The City of Los Angeles Is a Problem

The City of Los Angeles Is a Problem

Editorial: Los Angeles must take politics out of development decisions

By Steve Silverman

A lot of people have their heads firmly fixed on the shoulders of Mayor Eric Garcetti.

He is the leader of the City Council and is the author of an ambitious agenda.

He was elected to the council and, through his position at the helm of the council, he has the potential to become the next mayor.

As he begins his second term in January 2020, Garcetti needs to start thinking about his legacy and what a city this size can achieve even while it is still in the middle of a period of major challenges — economic and environmental.

One of the major questions he has to answer is how to get the city out of a financial hole.

That will require changes in how the city does business and how it plans for the future.

Garcetti’s immediate and near future is tied to two broad policy questions that have been dominating the discussion of Los Angeles for the past few years.

One of those is the issue of the transportation system, particularly the potential for a high-speed rail transit system that would link San Bernardino to San Francisco.

The other is the question of how to deal with the rapidly growing number of single-family homes without a parking lot for every single one of them.

Over the past few years, the city has been struggling to find new ways to develop large-scale land use to accommodate growing numbers of new single-family homes without additional parking. Adding more streets and more buildings doesn’t make sense without more parking. But, until recently, the city has been unable to find ways to pay for the parking.

Garcetti and other city leaders have repeatedly asked for a way to pay for the parking without adding more costs to the housing market.

The problem, in some ways, is that we have been talking about it as if the housing market and the city are one and the same thing. It is not.

There is only one city. There are only two types of people and those are the people who live in the

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