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Susan Heche’s estate sued for millions by her mother’s estate

Susan Heche's estate sued for millions by her mother's estate

Anne Heche’s estate sued for millions by woman displaced from her home by fiery crash

Susan P. Garb, attorney for Susan Heche in her lawsuit against the estate of Susan Heche and two former lawyers, is shown here with her client, Susan Heche, in her home in Redwood City, Calif. Susan Heche’s estate sued for millions by woman displaced from her home by fiery crash

Susan Heche, whose death last May sparked a lawsuit by the estate of her late mother who was a Holocaust survivor, was taken to another home before she died, though she was not dead, according to lawsuits filed against the estate.

A report in The Oakland Tribune by reporter Tannaz Khalil, who also authored a book on Heche, said the house in Redwood Shores where the estate was later located is now owned by Susan Heche’s family.

The lawsuits filed by the estate said that Heche was not dead when she was taken to the family home in Redwood City in 2007. She had been in the garage on her back in an incapacitated state, according to the suit.

She was removed from the garage to use her cell phone in the family’s garage, in the back. While in the garage, with family members standing nearby, she was struck by a car that was headed to her sister’s home in Orinda, the suit said.

“Sister was forced to step outside her garage to avoid death,” the lawsuit said.

The suit alleges that the car that struck Heche and that injured her was traveling near a stop sign and that Heche was not struck by an oncoming car, but by the one behind the car that hit her. The driver of the car that struck Heche, according to the suit, was James A. Smith, a lawyer who was representing the estate after Heche’s mother passed away in 2011. Smith also had his license revoked for failing to appear in

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