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Serena Williams: “I don’t feel like I’m finished yet.”

Serena Williams: "I don't feel like I'm finished yet."

Serena Williams has done it all in tennis, but there’s so much more to come.

She has the most dominant win-loss record of any active tennis player, but she has more work to do if she is to challenge on the men’s side.

Williams has won 32 majors and won the Women’s Tennis Association singles title 23 times. She has won 32 grand slams, has won five doubles titles and is also a mixed doubles champion.

But she will not be the only tennis champion in the future, as Serena Williams could be a part of history.

“I love competing,” says the 23-year-old Australian. “You know what you’ve done and you know what you’ve won, but I feel like a player in between. I don’t feel like I’m finished. I feel like I’ve just done the big thing.”

For Serena Williams, winning grand slams has been just a part of being a tennis player.

“It’s amazing, it’s been incredible,” she says. “I think people probably think that I’m done when I retire, but I’m not gonna retire. I feel like Serena Williams is always one step away and I love that.”

Now that she’s almost 30, the star says she doesn’t feel like she’s gotten there quite yet.

“I feel like I’m not there yet. Sometimes I feel like I’m never gonna hit it out on the court after I win a slam,” she says.

Williams admits that she is constantly reminded of the “good old days” and how she won a lot of Grand Slams before she turned 30.

It’s something Williams is very conscious of.

“When I was younger, I wouldn’t see the silver medals, I didn’t see the trophies on my desk,” she says. “I never played for a trophy, I never played for any sort of ‘W’ like that. I don’t get to hang up the hardware, that’s for sure.”

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