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Scotland and England have a man-management issue after a player is sent off for diving

Scotland and England have a man-management issue after a player is sent off for diving

England pair Walker and Phillips out until the World Cup, when they could be back.

“But there is no hurry, I’ll be back for England!” they said.


England and Scotland played only two matches before the World Cup, and there is a possibility that Walker and Phillips will both be suspended.

“Let’s see what happens with the World Cup,” said Scotland coach Gordon Strachan. “We’ll have another run-out here.”

The game has come under intense scrutiny after its opening day. A large part of it was because of an accident with a ball used by both teams that could have caused severe trauma if it had crashed into the players.

But England also had a more straightforward issue – one that arose after a player from each team was given a yellow card for diving.

Scotland’s Matt Galloway, who was sent off for the offence, was substituted by referee Robert Jones midway through the half for what was deemed an act of gross misconduct.

Strachan described it as an “interesting time” for both teams, and said he hoped it would not disrupt the rest of the tournament.

“I wouldn’t want anybody to think that that is something that is only going to happen during the World Cup,” he said.

“You hope that the majority of games will be played as normal, and there’ll be no more issues like this, but it’s an interesting time in all three competitions, and we’d rather have that than a World Cup on hold.

“The ball was delivered. It spun and hit the right side of Matt Galloway’s leg and the referee had to react to it.”

He said he understood the situation for Scotland, but it was not his own when he called for an offside.

“As a man-management issue, it’s a difficult one, and I’d just like that to keep progressing. When a decision is made whether play should be restarted or not, that decision is made by the referee, with the understanding that it is an extraordinary decision to send-off a player for something that is a dive.”

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