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Rodeo Deaths Are Not Just Happening to Animals

Rodeo Deaths Are Not Just Happening to Animals

Letters to the Editor: Rodeos terrorize animals. You don’t have to be a ‘Marxist’ to see that.

June 27, 2011 at 12:00 AM EST – Updated July 13 at 11:58 AM

By alyssa wynn

In an era where most people are so quick to throw out every stereotype that is put down our throats, it is quite hard to believe that some people would think that horsemen should be given the same rights as humans.

However, when you look at the lives that are being lost every year because of the rodeos, you will discover that in reality these events are no different than other human activities. These men are doing all they possibly can to earn a living. In fact, some of them are so consumed by the adrenaline rush of the event that they will kill animals just to get a reaction.

In fact, it is not just animal activists and horsemen that are outraged. People are disgusted by rodeo deaths and those who are trying to bring some sense of life back to the rodeo world. For example, one lady in the country was so disgusted at the state of the country and the rodeo industry that she decided to retire and move to the city to live her life more free of stress.

Rodeo deaths are not just happening to animals. In fact, these events have been taking place for decades at these events. In the last 10 years alone, there has been a steady rise in these events as more people get into the sport. Most of the deaths have been attributed to animal cruelty. Even with the efforts that go into producing the entertainment, a few people still find out that it is too much, too fast, too brutal, or too bloody.

For example, these man are trained like animals and they are given little to no protection or care in their lives, much in the same way we take for granted the protection afforded us by our laws. However, if you have ever been a victim of a crime, you will know what I am talking about. We make a conscious effort to seek protection; we go to court; we plead our case and often times, we are the only one who can fix our case.

In the case of the rodeo man (as far as I am aware), he only has one person to help him, his lawyer. This man is the victim of

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