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Lord’s Tavern’s New Interior Design

Lord’s Tavern’s New Interior Design

How the Dame Owners Decorated Their New Restaurant, Lord’s Tavern:

“The restaurant at Lord’s Tavern in Midtown Manhattan has a new look in just over a year. Its owners, the Dame family, have transformed the space—which they have owned since 1996—into a stylish upscale bar and restaurant cum private club.”

When asked what inspired the redesign:

“We decided to do something that would add a lot of color to our space,” said owner and design-consultant Joseph Dame. “We also wanted to make it more intimate and comfortable for our customers.”

The result is a mix of neutral colors and accent colors.

The interiors have been kept up to date with new flooring—as seen in above gallery—and updated art.

Also on display in the lobby are the Dame family’s other projects:

The hotel’s other projects include:

“Our design team worked with a team of experts to provide inspiration for the new interior design of our Midtown Manhattan hotel, The Bada Bing,” said Joe Dame, the owner of Lord’s Tavern in a release. “We’re excited to see the design of this iconic New York City restaurant come to life.”

“The new aesthetic of The Bada Bing has allowed us to bring a new level of sophistication to our flagship restaurant in the heart of the Financial District,” said Tom Moline, Senior General Sales and Director, New York, NY, Lord’s Tavern Group Inc., in a release. “We’re thrilled to continue offering our patrons a truly unique dining experience in which we continue to create new and exciting menu items and exciting cocktails, as well as offer a truly unique and memorable New York experience in its restored historic setting.”

“I’m thrilled that it’s been so well received,” said owner Peter Puzik. “I remember when I and the

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