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Kevin de León is toast

Kevin de León is toast

Nicholas Goldberg: Is Kevin de León toast?

By Nicholas Goldberg

March 23, 2019

A few months back, I was asked, “How do you think Kevin de León’s political future will play out?”

A few days earlier, I had interviewed him for a podcast interview, but we never made it out for a full interview.

But, looking back now from the vantage point of nearly two weeks on the presidential campaign trail, I still think he is toast.

But not necessarily dead.

We have all been looking to de León for something. We have all looked to him to offer a vision of a better America. We have all looked to him to offer a vision for the future that is not merely of the past, but the future that all of us must envision moving forward.

Not to us, but for us. He is the man who stands in the pulpit and speaks truth to power. He offers a vision of what a 21st century America looks like, a vision of possibility, and a vision that we are living at the present time.

It is not what de León is saying that gets us excited, but rather how he says it.

One of the most obvious questions I have heard de León ask in his presidential campaigns is, “How can we make education and healthcare affordable?” A question the electorate asked him, and it was one that was not answered.

He did not give us a road map to get there.

He spoke a truth that was beyond words, not an answer to a question.

At one point in the presidential campaign, he said he was not interested in a third-party candidacy, but that is the same position he has been at other points as well.

As a candidate, he is unafraid to speak the truth to the power that wants to divide us at this critical moment in history.

Let me explain.

When I was in college in the mid-aughts, I learned about a new concept called “The Three Percent Solution.”

The Three Percent Solution involved a proposal

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