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Herschel Walker’s Life Isn’t About Right and Wrong

Herschel Walker’s Life Isn’t About Right and Wrong

Goldberg: Herschel Walker may be lying about an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. Does it matter?

Herschel Walker can tell me he didn’t do anything wrong when I cross-examine him about an abortion he says he didn’t go through, and he tells me it didn’t make a difference because he only got an abortion the day before I took the witness stand. The rest of us already know he lied about it.

That didn’t make it right, I say.

“I don’t care about right and wrong,” Walker says.

The man I’ve been interviewing since early 2015, one of the most decorated wrestlers in history and one of the most acclaimed athletes in the world (he was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this month), looks me right in the eye.

And he says he doesn’t think it’s right.

That’s how he sees it.

Then we sit across from one another in his two-car garage apartment, and he continues talking.

He tells me that at the end of May, he went out to a bar in the city and met a 29-year-old woman. He wasn’t attracted to her, he says, but had a conversation with her, one he remembers as lasting more than an hour, about “something in general.”

“I don’t know what she was talking about,” he says. “She was very articulate and very smart.”

We didn’t have sex with her, or at least he didn’t think we did. They just talked, he says. “I have a girlfriend,” he says. “We’re together.”

He doesn’t think it was an arrangement. Or that it was an arrangement involving her taking

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