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Federer says he will miss being on tour but wants to be with his children

Federer says he will miss being on tour but wants to be with his children

Roger Federer announces his retirement from the ATP Tour and grand slams, saying it is his “last chance” to play what he loves and will “always” chase the “ultimate tennis” prize.

With a smile, Federer said this was not a decision he had made lightly. The Swiss was looking forward to spending time with his four children in his home country of Switzerland and said he would enjoy his time “in a good restaurant, sitting next to family,” his spokesperson Jan Steinlage said in a statement.

Federer has four children — Sofia, 10, Oliver, 8, and Lucas, 6, and is expecting their sixth child, named Christian. His wife of nearly 20 years, Serena Williams, 28, gave birth to their daughter Alexis Williams, 7, in January.

Federer says he will miss being on tour “in the highest possible level” but also wants to be with his children when they are young.

“For the time being, I will see my friends and my family, and my tennis and, of course, the ultimate tennis for as long as I’m on the tour,” the 38-year-old said in a statement. “I will enjoy the best time of my life wherever it is. Last but not least, I will always push the sport to the limits.”

He said he was not concerned about age or health and has done “everything that had been asked of me.”

“I’m ready to retire. I feel that I’ve had a fulfilling life in tennis. I’m very grateful for these years in which I’ve been able to enjoy myself and challenge myself. Also, I’m very grateful for everything that we’ve been able to achieve together,” he wrote.

“My children, and their children also, will be able to have a father who is no longer on the tour. Of course, in my heart, I always hoped that one day I’d be able to have

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