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Alex Jones’ second trial: The jury told the jury he was prejudiced against him

Alex Jones' second trial: The jury told the jury he was prejudiced against him

Judge Upholds $49 Million Verdict Against Alex Jones, Despite Capitulation

On the night of June 22, 2014, the jury in a defamation lawsuit brought by Alex Jones against Infowars producer John Novembre found Novembre’s defamation suit must be vacated because the judge in his trial told the jury he was prejudiced against him, as evidenced by the fact that she took a very long time to decide whether or not to return a verdict in favor of Jones.

The suit began in 2013 when Jones was sued for defamation after Infowars broke a story about a man being arrested for plotting terrorist attacks during a visit to his home in Texas. Jones, who had filmed the visit, claimed that the man, who was subsequently arrested, planned to kill Jones’ family, infuriate his daughter’s school, and have the man assassinated.

In Jones’ second trial, which began on December 12, 2014, jury members were told the following:

1. Jones’ lawsuit was based on a claim that a man arrested in Texas (who has since been released) had been plotting a terrorist attack in the home where Jones’ family live.

2. As part of testimony, the man, who was arrested for violating an order not to leave the home or interfere with Jones’ family while he was there, testified that he had not been plotting with Jones.

3. While testifying for Infowars, the man who was arrested in Jones’ lawsuit had indicated that what he observed in Jones’ home did not accurately reflect what actually occurred in the home.

4. Infowars used the man’s testimony to attack Jones’ character, saying the man was a “trouble-maker” who was trying to “out-jog the Jones family.”

5. In addition, Infowars said the man was being paid by the National Enquirer to make false accusations about Jones to his family and the judge who

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